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Grayfit Training Process


Program Highlights:

  • Assessments: Physical assessments and functional movement screening to help identify and deficiencies
  • Flexibility: Introduction to Myofascial release (foam rolling), various forms of stretching techniques the athlete can do at home and muscle activation
  • Injury Reduction: Identify and correct muscle imbalances
  • Speed: Acceleration, deceleration, linear and lateral in all planes of motion, running mechanics and footwork, hand eye coordination
  • Strength: Will use the NASM philosophy phase of training for strength and hypertrophy training, focus on increasing lean muscle mass that will lead into performing power in movement
  • Explosive Power: Plyometrics, medicines balls, jumping and landing techniques that will improve vertical jump.
  • Resistance: Band training with upper and lower body activation, bungee cord systems, Vertimax, TRX systems to activate glute and core stability to increase overall strength
  • Conditioning: game ready preparation for all athlete specific to their sport
  • Nutrition Education: Lessons, tips, and guidelines to help athletes make healthier eating choices and dietary changes as needed

GrayFit adminCoach Robyn is a high energy trainer that has a passion for youth and sports! Her innovative ways, industry experience, and moral fiber gives her that advantage over any other trainer in the area.

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Single leg step ups with OH DB hold @jollie33 @jazzy #Wewerk #grayfittraining #legacy Watch #Instavideo:… https://t.co/GizrotRCkc

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